We are as competitive as it can possibly get

Xino aims higher than the average does. We look outside the box, over the seas, and through the woods looking for a world-class challenge worthy enough to fuel us. So, this is the secret. Ambition.

Mission? Yes please.

To set aside the traditional marketing solutions, unleash the true power of Digital Marketing, and create our clients a future no one has ever imagined.

Be insightful

Aim to inspire and create with the purpose to have an impact on everybody’s lives.

Be courageous

We haven’t even tapped the vastness of human potential. Stay curious, keep learning and embrace your creativity the way it is.

Be together

We’re better together. Take care of your team and your clients. Stay honest, keep it clean, listen first, and smile more often.

Be better

Fall down 7 times, get up the 8th. Work harder, care for the details, push stronger. You should be proud to name it after yourself.

Team - a safe place in an unsafe world!

Xino is a digital marketing agency centered around one of the world’s greatest developing teams of all time. We use our skills to build strategies, create ideas and deliver a complete form of success for our clients.

Shanodra Brown
Senior Account Manager

Shay previously served as Social Media Manager for Disney and Senior Strategist for Apple, and helps carry our accounts from HQ in Louisiana. Shay is responsible for ensuring that our client partners benefit from continuous strategic guidance and a responsive creative team that works in service of their goals. A native of New Orleans and graduate of Southern University, Shay has led Social Strategy and Integrated Media Planning across North America, EMEA and LATAM. Today, she guides our clients as an Account Manager.

When she’s not developing strategies for our clients, you can catch her watching reruns of Martin or Law and Order SVU or planning the next fun event.


We’re proudly located in Tehran, enriched by the true Iranian culture. We’re delivering global success from a country where the world can’t see us coming, and It’s exciting as hell!